Bacterial and Odour Treatment

 Bacterial & Odour Treatment

Bacterial or Odour Treatment Needed?

Bacterial, Odour or Odour Treatment Help?

With over 20 Years of Experience dealing with Pet Stainds/Odour, we have the right equipment to treat it.

Even the most well trained and considerate pets can have an accident.

Our experience has taught us that Pet Stains/Odour is a science that needs an experienced technician to handle it.

Every pet eats a different diet and every home has different fabrics.

We carry all the anti-microbial, disinfecting, & stain removing products that we know will do the best job.


If you don’t want to risk it – give us a call and we’ll come and deal with it for you.  We are experts at bacterial and odour treatment and will be happy to come to your rescue.