3 of the worst post-party stains to affect your Leigh carpets

Some people say that the sign of a good party is the state the house is in the following morning, but in reality – post-party cleaning can be a bit of a headache.

You might discover stains and spills on your carpets and upholstery, many of which you can get rid of yourself. However, there are some that will require the services of our carpet cleaning in Leigh team.

If you find any of the following on your carpets or furniture, call a professional right away to avoid the stain becoming permanent:

1. Red wine. As popular as it may be as a party drink, red wine has been ruining sofas and carpets since the beginning of time.

2. Candle wax. Wax spilled from a candle can settle in a most irritating way into the fibres of your carpets, and it can be virtually impossible to shift by normal methods. Our Leigh carpet cleaning services can get rid of candle wax in no time, using our specialist skills and expertise.

3. Tomato sauce. Any food item with tomatoes in it (i.e. pizza, pasta, tomato ketchup) can cause a nasty orangey stain when it comes into contact with fabric, carpets or upholstery. This kind of stain tends to stick around, fading but never disappearing, until it is professionally dealt with.