The Use of steam cleaning on your carpets when in Stalybridge

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, is a popular method of carpet cleaning. It makes use of a hot water cleaning formula that is sprayed in the carpet through the use of a jet spray. Detergent solution is also used for this form of cleaning. Combined with high pressure water, it is delivered through the spray in order to reach the carpet with dirt or stains. This spray is basically linked with a machine designed for hot water extraction.

With the use of steam cleaning, dirt that is accumulated in the carpet fibers are rinsed thoroughly. Detergent residues that had been used for cleaning are also rinsed thoroughly with the use of steam cleaning. Floor and carpet solutions that could be used for steam cleaning could be carbonated. This could remove organic materials that had stained the carpet effectively. At times, anti-soiling and anti-staining products are also used to clean carpets.

Stem cleaning method may include several stages. Vacuuming is first administered to get rid of dry soils and dusts. Treating stains and spots and spraying it with cleaning formulas are then used. The hot water extraction includes rinsing of carpet with the use of neutralizing agent and deodorizing it.