Could your carpets be making you ill?

If you suffer from allergies or rhinitis, there is one possible culprit lurking in your home that could be making your symptoms worse – your carpets.

Dirty carpets harbour all sorts of nasties, with pet dander, mould spores and dust mites in particular causing serious problems for allergy sufferers. These are antigens, which can cause coughing, sneezing and a runny nose in people with a sensitive immune system.

Vacuuming isn’t enough – you need professional Bury carpet cleaners

You might vacuum your carpets regularly and occasionally clean them with a supermarket carpet cleaning product, but it’s likely that you’re not getting anywhere near the root of the problem. Dust mites and other allergens tend to nestle deep down in the fibres of carpets and rugs, making it hard for everyday cleaning to reach them.

What you need is to call in our carpet cleaning in Llandudno team, who can carry out a deep clean of your carpets right down to the fibres, on even the fluffiest carpets. With professional equipment and the right know-how to eliminate carpet nasties and control dust mites, your carpets will be squeaky clean in no time – and you’ll be able to breathe easy.

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