Do you know how to make your Chorlton sofas last longer?

With a bit of looking after, sofas and armchairs can last for years, making them a very good investment. However, if you don’t look after your upholstery, you’ll soon have to fork out to replace them when they wear out.

Here are the 5 essential rules to make your sofas last longer:

1. Get them professionally cleaned, and do it regular. A thorough, regular deep clean by professional upholstery cleaning in Chorlton team will bring your furniture back to life time and time again.

2. Keep them out of the sun. Colours on upholstery can fade if exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, so keep your curtains shut when you aren’t using the room.

3. Only use recommended cleaning products. The wrong products can damage your sofas, so take heed of the manufacturer’s instructions. Again, it may be best to call in a upholstery cleaning in Chorton team.

4. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. As well as using professional cleaners, make sure to mop up spills and stains the moment you spot them.

5. Set some house rules. Having some rules in place for children, pets and guests – i.e. no shoes on the furniture – to protect your upholstery from harm.