Special Offer for August – Free Cherry Bacterial Treatment

For this month only, August 2013, we’re offering a free cherry bacterial treatment for carpet cleaning in Manchester. This is a great opportunity to ensure your carpets are odour-free as well as super clean, so make sure you don’t miss this exclusive special offer.

Why do I need bacterial treatment for my carpets?

Bacterial treatments are carried out using bactericidal deodorisers that are designed to eliminate odours that can get trapped in carpet fibres even after cleaning. These odours are caused by bacteria, which can be tricky to get rid of unless you use the right treatment.

After bacterial treatment, all that is left is a clean carpet and a pleasant scent, which, as part of this month’s special offer, is the subtly fruity Cherry Twist.

If you have pets running about on your carpets, a bacterial treatment is especially recommended. As cute as they may be, pets can cause unpleasant odours which linger deep down in the fibres of your carpet. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have both pets and carpets in the same space – but you may need to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned and treated with bactericidal deodoriser by our professional carpet cleaners Manchester on a regular basis.