Spillage SOS – what to do about stubborn upholstery stains

Most of us know the feeling of spilling a splash of red wine or a smearing a dab of nail varnish on a brand new sofa – and it is definitely not a pleasant one. Great-looking sofas and three-piece suites don’t come cheap these days, which is why a spill or a stain can so easily fill us with horror.

The most important thing following a spillage is not to panic. If you panic and start hurling every cleaning product you’ve got at the stain, you could easily damage the fabric or the leather. If you stay calm, use a clean paper towel to absorb the liquid, then call in an expert in upholstery stain removal to handle the problem, there should be no need to splash out on a brand new sofa.

Our carpet cleaners in Altrincham not only tackle spills and stains on carpets, but they are also experts at getting out even the toughest marks on upholstery. With the right treatments and equipment, most stains can be completely eradicated without any damage or discolouration to the upholstery.

So, the next time something is spilled on your gorgeous new sofa, or on your carpet, remember to use our expert upholstery and professional carpet cleaning Altrincham services.