10 signs your Stalybridge carpet is ready for a clean

Carpets need cleaning regularly in order to stay fresh, clean and hygienic. It’s easy to forget about cleaning your carpets, but there are certain signs that should be setting off alarm bells and letting you know that you urgently need to look for carpet cleaning in Stalybridge specialists. Here are just 10 of the signs that your carpets need cleaning:

1. There’s an unpleasant smell coming from the carpet
2. You’ve forgotten what colour the carpet originally was because it’s so faded and washed out
3. Your carpets are covered in pet hair
4. An allergy sufferer in your house is having a particularly sneezy time at the moment
5. There are stains on the carpet that just won’t come out
6. Friends and family have stopped coming round to your house….wonder why that could be?
7. You can’t actually remember the last time your carpets were cleaned
8. You’re having to move the furniture around to hide all the stains and dirt
9. Vacuuming the carpet isn’t making any difference to how clean it looks
10. You won’t let the kids play or crawl on the carpet anymore

If you recognise any of these 10 signs, it probably means that it’s time to give our professional carpet cleaners in Stalybridge a call.