When to clean Manchester carpets and when to throw them away

There are some situations in which it’s best to just chuck something away rather than spend time and effort cleaning it, only to find that it’s still completely ruined. However, other things can be saved with the right know-how and technique.

Can your carpet be saved?

A good example of this is carpets. Some old, stained, faded carpets may look like they can’t be saved and are ready for the bin. Unless they’re actually torn or damaged, a deep clean by our carpet cleaning in Manchester team could bring them back to life. With the right tools, equipment and expertise, as well as experience in tackling tough stains and cleaning even the dirtiest carpets and upholstery, there just may be a chance of saving that old carpet.

When cleaning could be more cost-effective than replacement

Compared to the cost of replacing an old carpet with a brand new one, calling in our professional carpet cleaners in Manchester is definitely worth trying. Your carpet may be saved and brought back to life, but even if it isn’t – you won’t have spent too much to find out. Housing associations, landlords and business owners taking over new premises could all benefit from giving professional cleaning a go, so don’t just throw that old carpet away.