Is your sofa bed fit for guests?

Do you have a sofa bed for guests to use when they stay over? If so, when was the last time you had it professionally cleaned?

Sofa beds can get just as dirty as normal sofas, especially if they are in the living room and are in regular use. Dust, dirt and crumbs can get right down into the fold-out mechanism, and stains can mark the material. If you have kids or pets (or both), the situation might be even worse.

Needless to say, no one wants to sleep on a dirty, slightly whiffy sofa bed. If you find that friends and family seem reluctant to stay over, this might be the reason why.

Call in our upholstery cleaning in Trafford team

If your sofa beds have seen better days, now is the perfect time to call in our professional carpet cleaners Trafford (who also specialise in upholstery and furniture). Summer is nearly here and you’re likely to have many more friends round, BBQs and maybe even a few World Cup parties – and what if guests want to stay over?

Be prepared and freshen up your sofa beds now – don’t leave it until too late!