Rhyl B&B owners – are you putting guests off with dirty carpets?

As a B&B owner, you’re likely to know that guests make a judgement on your premises pretty much as soon as they walk through the door. Something as easily fixed as a grubby carpet could have your guests writing negative reviews of your business in their heads from the moment they arrive.

Why spotless carpets are so important

If you schedule regular appointments with Rhyl carpet cleaners such as Clean Fresh, your guests will benefit from a vastly improved B&B experience. Rooms and common areas will look far better and smell just wonderful, giving the impression of a spotlessly clean, well-run establishment.

What this says to guests is that someone cares about the cleanliness of the B&B, that a little bit extra attention to detail has been paid. Conversely, a grubby, off-colour, stained carpet says that no one cares about cleanliness or what guests will think – and who wants to stay in a B&B like that?

How regular carpet cleaning could actually save your business money

As well as pleasing your guests, another benefit of calling in our commercial carpet cleaning Rhyl team from time to time is that it can make your carpets last longer. You’ll need to replace them less often, which should save you a small fortune, especially if your premises is large.

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