Is carpet cleaning ok for the environment in Lancaster?

We’re all a lot more eco-conscious than we used to be, with many people choosing to only use products and services that don’t damage the environment. If you’re wondering whether professional carpet cleaning and the chemicals it uses is ok for the environment, the answer is simple – it depends on which products you use. […]

Carpet and upholstery cleaning – now available in Morecambe

If you’ve forgotten what colour your carpets used to be or are tired of your sofas looking grubby and smelling worse, it might be time you considered calling in the professionals. The Clean Fresh carpet cleaning in Morecambe team has now arrived, offering top quality, affordable cleaning services to everyone from homes and workplaces, commercial […]

Countdown to Christmas – time to call in the Bangor carpet cleaners!

You might be trying your best not to think about it, but its unavoidable – Christmas is coming, and soon! This means it’s time to get organised, from buying presents to sourcing trees, new decorations and of course, the all-important turkey. You’ll also need to start getting the house in order ready for visitors, especially […]

Could your carpets be making you ill?

If you suffer from allergies or rhinitis, there is one possible culprit lurking in your home that could be making your symptoms worse – your carpets. Dirty carpets harbour all sorts of nasties, with pet dander, mould spores and dust mites in particular causing serious problems for allergy sufferers. These are antigens, which can cause […]

Got stubborn carpet stains? Get it cleaned, not replaced

Many people have got into the habit of simply throwing something out when it becomes a little marked or stained, including carpets. This is a shame, and potentially a waste of money, especially when something as simple as a carpet stain can be removed if you know how to do it. Professional carpet cleaning in […]

Rhyl B&B owners – are you putting guests off with dirty carpets?

As a B&B owner, you’re likely to know that guests make a judgement on your premises pretty much as soon as they walk through the door. Something as easily fixed as a grubby carpet could have your guests writing negative reviews of your business in their heads from the moment they arrive. Why spotless carpets […]